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June Pie

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June Pie
June Pie10 hours ago
Here it is- The last time in 2018 we baked Pot Roast dinner pie! 😂 (I mean that’s the case for nearly all the pies this week, since we’re closed next week.😉) But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stock up! Plus we have Sour Cream Lemon and Pecan pie for dessert today! See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie2 days ago
Merry Christmas!
We have a busy busy week of pies ahead of us and can’t wait! Pies will make the best neighbor gifts, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, friend gifts, and a box of hand pies will get your through your last minute Christmas festivities. Plus we can put a pretty little bow it for ya. Plus we’ll have our house made Egg Nog available all week.
This week we have lots of pies available but because of the holiday the schedule is a little different. On Thursday we won’t have a pop up shop at @mydearlizzie- Pies will be available on Saturday from 4-6pm. That way we can get you more pies. Plus they’ll be stocked on December 24. The Store will have pies all weekend, plus 12/23 and 12/24!
ANNND Since our kids won’t be in school on Friday, we’ll have hand pies available on Wednesday so they can take a box to all their favorite teachers. 🙂
Onto the menu!
Tuesday- We will have Pot Roast Pie for dinner, with Pecan Pie and Sour Cream Lemon for dessert.
Wednesday we have Chicken Pot Pie for dinner, Chocolate Chess and Sugar Cream for dessert, along with Peppermint Hand Pies!
Thursday we have more hand pies! Peppermint, Apple, Lemon and Berry will be available! They make the best gifts!
Friday and Saturday we have all our Christmas Pies! We will have Berry Crumble, German Chocolate, Chocolate Peppermint, Pumpkin, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Pear Chai, Egg Nog, Cranberry Key Lime, Sour Cream Lemon and Quiche for your Christmas Breakfast! All of which will be available at Dear Lizzie in Highland as well!
Phew, I told ya it was a lot! If you have any questions, comment below so we can get them all answered! And check our stories for more scheduling! See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie4 days ago
Do your weekend plans include parties and festivities? Pie and house made Egg Nog make the perfect hostess gift. We’ll even wrap it up with a sweet bow for ya! We have our Chocolate Chess, Cranberry Key Lime and Sour Cream Lemon available today! Stop by from 3-7pm and grab yours! See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie5 days ago
Oh hand pie day- you’re the very best day of the whole week! And we’ve got lots for ya today; Lemon, Berry and Vanilla! Come grab a box and share, everyone needs a hand pie in their life. Plus we have extras at @mydearlizzie today. And did you know we’ve started stocking dinner pies there. Which means you can stop in through out the week and grab one. Winning! See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie6 days ago
Dear Wednesday, you are not my friend today. It’s a good thing I have a Chicken Curry Pie and Sugar Cream to make everything better. And just in case the afternoon falls apart, I have a Chocolate Peppermint Pie as well. How’s your Wednesday holding up? If it’s anything like mine I’ve got lots of pie for ya. Stop by from 3-7pm and it’ll help us get to Thursday. See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie1 week ago
Thanksgiving Leftover pie. It’s all the best parts of your thanksgiving dinner layered in between our flakey crust. it’s real good. Plus we have Apple Crumble and Egg Nog Cream for dessert. And guys are you ready for home made egg nog by the bottle? We are almost ready! See ya soon! #junepie