June Pie

Daily Handmade Pies, Pies made to order, Pies you can hold in your hand! All available for pickup.
June Pie
June Pie2 days ago
Weekends are better with Pie. Stop in from 11-2pm and stock up on all our favorites. See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie3 days ago
It’s the first day of summer! Yay!! Kick off your summer with a Strawberry Rhubarb, S’more and Sugar Cream! Party! Stop in from 3-7pm today and 11-2pm tomorrow. See ya soon! #junepie #firstdayofsummer
June Pie
June Pie4 days ago
Hand Pie Day!!! Oh man it’s the best day of the week! We have Coconut, Chocolate and the first Cherry of the season! 🥥🍫🍒 wooo! Stop in from 3-7pm and stock up! See ya soon!
June Pie
June Pie5 days ago
Chicken Curry is what my kids have been begging to have for dinner for weeks. I think they might just want to have dinner... we have it in the shop today with Sour Cream Lemon and Key Lime for dessert. Stop by and see ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie6 days ago
Chicken Pot Pie is good no matter the weather, no matter the time of year. Hand shredded chicken, fresh chopped carrots, celery, and potatoes are all smothered in a cream sauce. Dreamy.
We have cookie butter banana, chocolate chess and banana cream for dessert! Stop in from 3-7pm and grab yours! See ya soon! #junepie
June Pie
June Pie7 days ago
Oh heyyyyy! Summer is in full swing around here and we’ve got all the pies. Alll the pies! We will have Cherry Hand Pies🍒 this week and we say farewell to our Strawberry Rhubarb. But don’t fret- this S’more Pie is in full swing. With its graham cracker crust, soft chocolate center and homemade marshmallow it’s the perfect addition to every summer night.
Tuesday we have Chicken Pot Pie, Banana Cream, Cookie Butter Banana and Chocolate Chess.
Wednesday we have Chicken Curry, Key Lime and Sour Cream Lemon.
Thursday is hand pie day and we’ll have cherry, coconut and chocolate. On Friday we face Strawberry Rhubarb, S’more, and Sugar Cream.
Head to our website to get your pies preordered or just stop in during the week and stock up! See ya soon! #junepie