The Menu

Here is the official, never ending, never completed June Pie Menu. 
Please note, not all of these pies are available every day. We bake seasonally around here!   

A festive holiday pie, this tart key lime makes for a fresh pie in the heavy holiday...

An old fashioned custard pie. Very southern and very simple.


Fresh peaches baked to gooey perfection underneath a golden crumble.

A ginger snap crust filled with eggnog custard. Topped with whipped cream and...

Fresh peaches from local orchards drizzled with homemade glaze

A baked chocolate custard topped with homemade coconut and pecan frosting.

The filling blends honey, sugar, and plenty of fresh grapefruit juice making...

A housemade graham cracker and gingersnap crust with a delicate and tart key lime...

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