Order your Thanksgiving Pies today!

Pop Up Shops

We are bringing back Pop Up Shops! Are you guys so excited? I am! It’s been way too long!

Here’s a refresher on how they work.
  • You order your pies online
  • Select your Pick Up Location
  • We’ll bring down your pies on Thursday at Dear Lizzie from 4-6pm.
  • If a pie is on the Friday menu, it’s not available for the Dear Lizzie Pop Up Shop. Sorry!
  • We will have extras, not many, it’s always best to preorder them.
  • Your menu options include the pie flavors from earlier in the week, (We bake them fresh for ya)
  • That means you can choose 2 Dinner Pie flavors, 4 Dessert Pie flavors, and 3 Hand Pie flavors.
  • YAY!

Dear Lizzie- Highland, Utah

 10953 Alpine Hwy, Highland, UT 84003

November 15, 4-6pm