Dinner Pies

Dinner baked into a pie. All our dinner pies are overflowing with locally sourced vegetables, meats that have been slow roasted and hand shredded, sauces that are perfectly seasoned and made from scratch. You can request a dinner pie baked hot for dinner. Or you can grab it unbaked and throw it your oven whenever you like. And if you’re like me, you keep your freezer full of them because you never know when you forget to cook dinner.

Dessert Pies

A sweet pie for every taste bud. We bake classic cream pies year round.  You can’t go wrong with any of them. I promise. All our custards and fillings are made with real ingredients, like cream, sugar and butter. No mixes, flavorings or powders. Our seasonal fruit pies are baked only when the local orchards are ripe with fruit. So you better get one while you can!  And the same goes for our specialty pies, each season comes with a new variety of flavors.

Hand Pies

These little pockets of heaven fill our kitchen every Thursday. Which is good, cause if they were there every day, I would never stop eating them. We take our flakey pie crust and stuff it with our sweet pie fillings, bake and  glaze them, then we add a unique garnish to every one. And you guessed it, we do that all by hand. Sometimes if you’re lucky we’ll even make a savory hand pie.