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Heyyyyy! Welcome to June Pie, where we obsessively bake pies. I could say its a passion or a religion. But actually its a full on obsession. I really should be medicated for it. I could talk for hours and hours about pies. There are so many flavors! There are so many options! You can bake dinner pies, sweet pies, fruit pies, hand pies, holiday pies. Oh the list goes on and on. My name is Tehmi, and I’m addicted to Pie.

I’ve been baking pies since I was a little girl, and really all I ever wanted was to own a bakery. One where the locals would come and I would know there order. (That’s true, I wrote that for my 5th grade career day. Dreams people, dreams)

 June Pie started out of my house with my 3 small babies at my feet in 2014. We outgrew my home kitchen and built a commercial kitchen and store front on Main Street in Heber a year later. As we have evolved and grown as a pie shop,  lots of things have changed. We’ve added more flavors, more pies, more bakers, longer hours, online ordering, wholesale options, catering and one more baby. But one thing stays the same- My love for baking pie. And even after baking thousands and thousands of pies over the years, I might be more obsessed with it than I was in the beginning. So thank you or letting me share my obsession, We hope you love it as much as we do!

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