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Here are some tips and tricks to the June Pie Menu.

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It changes! Weekly! That might feel like a lot of change, all the time, and it is. But I promise, we do keep the schedule and the genre of pies the same. First, we always (ok 99.9% of the time) announce the upcoming week's menu on Sunday afternoon. You can find it on our website, an email in your inbox and all our social media pages. After we announce the weeks menu, you can visit our online shop  and preorder your pies. That means your husband can stop in on his way home from work and pick up dinner and dessert, and he doesn’t even have to decide. Plus if your favorite pie is on the menu, you can reserve it to avoid the risk of selling out.

On Tuesdays we bake a dinner pie and two flavors of dessert. Wednesdays we bake a different dinner pie and two dessert pies. Thursdays we only bake hand pies. Friday we bake our seasonal fruit and speciality pies. The flavors of pies change every week, but the schedule of pies doesn’t. And don’t you worry, if you want Tuesday’s dinner pie and Thursday’s hand pies, you can pick them both up on Thursday. You can always pick up previous days’ pies through out the week, just not future pies. Cause we haven’t baked them yet.

We bake every pie fresh in the morning, which means we don’t open until the afternoon.

Don’t be mad.

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We are now open at our new location!
2175 W 3000 S #101 Heber UT 


January 11, 2022


January 12, 2022


January 13, 2022


January 14, 2022


January 15, 2022
Flavors from the week are baked fresh for Saturday!

Frozen Pies

** Coming Soon**
Pies available to order and pick up frozen!
Inventory fluctuates, if you are searching for a specific flavor be sure to  add your email address to be notified when it's back in stock.